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Cake Trends 2021
Cake trends in 2021 and why you should check them out Cake trends are a fun […]
Personalised Birthday Cakes Ideas for Men Milton Keynes Marie Makes Cake Blog
Finding cake ideas for men can be hard!  I find buying anything for my male friends […]
Different Types of Cake Toppers Explained
Cake toppers can be as unique as you! Cake toppers come in a million different shapes […]
Marie Makes Blog Support Local Business
How you can help support your local businesses Core values – supporting local Being a local […]
Baking Ingredient Essentials Marie Makes Milton Keynes
7 Baking Ingredient Essentials for Every Baker A great starting place is to have a few […]
Spongebob Squarepants Childrens Personalised Birthday Cakes Delivered Milton Keynes
Little ones will love a Spongebob party Everyone loves Spongebob and with his latest movie earlier […]
Why does my cake collapse? While cakes can collapse for a lot of different reasons, here […]
Blog post how to avoid a dry crumbly cake Marie Makes Milton Keynes
Why is my cake dry? Cakes crumble because they’ve dried out too much. From years of […]
cake rising tips marie makes milton keynes
4 top tips for making sure your cake rises There are many reasons that your cake […]
Tips on how to avoid a wet middle in your cake Marie Makes Milton Keynes
Why is my cake wet in the middle? When a cake is wet in the middle […]

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