Finding cake ideas for men can be hard! 

I find buying anything for my male friends and relatives hard. In order to avoid buying them Lynx Africa year upon year I often end up with weird and outside-of-the-box ideas like feeding meerkats or electronic socks (yes, you read that correctly…). Thankfully, finding cake ideas for men is a lot easier! I’ve got a few tips for some great starting points that will help you create a great men’s birthday cake for your loved ones.

Simple starting places for men’s cakes

There are four main places I normally start with cake ideas for men, or indeed cake ideas for anyone. From hobbies and TV shows to flavours and colours, there’s always something that inspires a cool cake design for a guy. The simplest detail about your friend or relative can be the starting point of the perfect design that they’ll love. And don’t worry about the hard work of finding a design yourself; that’s what I’m here for! I create the whole design from the details you give me and make sure it’s right for you. 

Cake ideas for men – hobbies

Firstly, do they have any hobbies or interests? If the answer is yes, then it’s super easy to turn that into a custom cake for them! Check out some of my hobby-based custom cakes for men, such as golf cakes, train cakes, bowls cakes and more. Each one started with just their hobby and I designed it from there around them and their particular style. Hobby cakes aren’t just off-the-shelf, but are always unique to the special person celebrating. 

Golf cake ideas for men
Golf birthday cake
Bowls birthday cake ideas for men delivered in Milton Keynes
Bowls birthday cake

Cake ideas for men – TV shows and films

Secondly, do they have a favourite TV show, movie or any other pop culture interest? Many of the men’s cakes I make are focused around some pop culture reference that they love. Avengers cakes aren’t just for kids; they’re great cake ideas for men too. From Stranger Things to Jurassic Park, I love a TV or movie birthday cake! Again, I have lots of examples of cool custom birthday cakes for men and here are a few examples too. 

Stranger Things Bespoke Birthday Cake Delivered Milton Keynes
Stranger Things birthday cake
Avengers children's birthday cake
Avengers birthday cake

Cake ideas for men – favourite flavours

A third place to start is with their favourite tipple, chocolate or flavour. Anything at all that’s a sweet treat the man in your life likes to eat? We can make a whole cake around their favourite flavour! I’ve made cakes featuring everything from rum and gin to caramac and biscoff as well as every chocolate under the sun! Have a look at some cool flavoured birthday cake ideas for men and see if there’s anything your guy might like. I can turn any flavour into a cake, so don’t hesitate to drop me a message and see what I can do for you. 

Run Chocolate Drip Birthday Cake Marie Makes
Rum birthday cake
Salted caramel birthday cake with sugar spirals and shards
Salted caramel birthday cake

Cake ideas for men – favourite colours

Finally, perhaps we’ve exhausted all other avenues and we look to your man’s favourite colour. I’ve designed cakes around just a colour theme for many customers and made some really striking cakes for men and women with just a colour to start the design. Check out some of my cool coloured bespoke cakes and see if any of them inspire you as a cake idea for your man. 

Bitcoin 30th birthday cake delivered in Milton Keynes
Blue birthday cake
Personalised 30th Birthday Cake Marie Makes
Blue and orange birthday cake

Get your own custom cake

I’ve created many cakes for guys that they’ve really loved; you can see even some of their great feedback on my cakes. From golf cakes, to train cakes, rum cakes and more, I always love the nuances of designing birthday cakes for men. However awkward you think they are, we’ll find a cake that suits them. I’m yet to find someone I can’t design a special cake for. Get in touch and see what I can do for you and the man in your life! 


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