When designing the perfect wedding cake think of:

  1. Sharing the experience
  2. Style and design
  3. Time to order
  4. Budget
  5. Size
  6. Flavour

From budgets to servings, this should help you think of everything so that your cake comes out just as you dreamed it would. Designing the perfect wedding cake is a process, so don’t worry that you have to know exactly what you want straight away. Your wedding cake maker will help guide you along the way and will make sure you’ve covered every detail together. 

Share the experience of wedding cake planning

It’s great to share the wedding cake design process with your partner as it can be a lot of fun. If nothing else, they’ll be super excited for the cake tasting! You also want the design to reflect both of your styles and personalities, so working together on this can be a real bonding experience. Also, if you have little ones then get them involved too! Kids’ imaginations are incredible and they might just come up with a great new wedding cake trend! 

Designing your wedding cake

A Pinterest board is a great starting point for getting wedding cake inspiration. It’s also a good way to display all your ideas and share them with your partner, family, kids etc. A Pinterst board is also invaluable for your wedding cake maker. It can really help them understand the overall style of your wedding. It’s important for us at Marie Makes that we don’t just give you a superb standalone wedding cake, but that it fits seamlessly into your big day. 

Take inspiration from anywhere you like. There are a million websites that will recommend the latest wedding cake styles and trends. But also remember that you want a cake unique to you and your partner! Don’t feel pressured to have anything traditional or trendy. This is about getting the perfect wedding cake FOR YOU.  

Gold Green and Cream Floral Wedding Cake with Smooth Buttercream
Gold Green and Cream Floral Wedding Cake by Marie Makes

Order your wedding cake in time

Give yourself plenty of time to design your cake and work with your wedding cake maker, as they get booked up pretty fast. If your wedding is in the peak season (Jun-Sep) then you’ll want to give at least 6 months’ notice. In the off-season (Oct-Dec) you can get away with more like 3 months’ notice.

Budget for your wedding cake

Naked Three Tier Buttercream Roses Wedding Cake
Naked Three Tier Buttercream Roses Wedding Cake by Marie Makes

While it’s one of the biggest days of your life, you don’t want to go overboard. Make a budget for your cake and stick to it. Your cake maker can help with this too. It’s always possible to work to a budget and they can advise on the best way to do this. The cost of a wedding cake is driven mainly by the size and design, so there are always ways to bring the cost within budget. Wedding cake makers will know lots of helpful ways to get the look you want without breaking the bank! 

Wedding cake sizes

When first talking to your cake maker, estimate the number on your wedding guest list. You don’t need to be exact, but a ballpark figure will help you get quotes on the right number of tiers etc. Then when you get your list finalised you can let your cake maker know. You can make changes up until 4 weeks before the wedding with Marie Makes, so you have plenty of time. You want to make sure everyone can take a piece home! 

It’s also worth taking into account those you know can’t make it to the big day. It’s really nice to be able to send them a piece of cake, even if they couldn’t make it in person. You might want to add a little extra to the size of your cake just for them. 

The cake size will also depend on how you plan to cut your cake. Speak to your cake maker to check how they measure their cake portions, as they may base them on a cake cutting style you haven’t tried.

Remember, you can go for cupcakes too! Lots of people like to have a smaller wedding cake and then add matching cupcakes for those extra portions. Or even go for all cupcakes! A wedding cupcake tower can look really show stopping. 

Fresh Sunflowers Two Tier Wedding Cake by Marie Makes
Fresh Sunflowers Two Tier Wedding Cake by Marie Makes

Tell me, what’s your flavour? 

Have fun and mix up the flavours on your wedding cakes. Often couples keep it safe with vanilla. While lots of guests have different tastes don’t forget your own favourites too! I’d recommend one tier vanilla to keep guests happy, then have fun with rest. Perhaps use your favourite dessert for inspiration. You could use a special meal you had together to inspire your cake flavour. Or even use your wedding colour scheme for inspiration and see what flavours you can find to match it. Again, your cake maker can help here too. Ask for their recommendations and see if you get any fun flavour ideas. 

Consult your wedding cake maker

Remember that your cake maker can help advise on everything! Ask lots of questions and use their expertise; they’re there to help. At Marie Makes we make sure we hold your hand as much or as little as you need throughout the wedding cake design process. Weddings can be a once-in-a-lifetime, so cake makers know that you often haven’t done this before. It’s ok that you need some help and advice to design the wedding cake that’s perfect for you. Get in touch and we’ll help you design your own bespoke wedding cake


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