Choosing your wedding cake flavours is simple with just a few considerations:

  1. Number of flavours
  2. Allergens
  3. Traditional fruit cake
  4. Classic vanilla
  5. Popular flavours
  6. Trying something different

You want to make sure your wedding cake tastes delicious as well as looking spectacular. Wedding cake flavours come in a wide variety and choosing them is similar to choosing your cake design. There are both traditional and modern flavour choices and options for you and for your wedding guests. It’s also worth deciding if you’re going to take allergens into account as well, as you will be able to share your cake with a wider variety of guests. Let’s delve into some of the things to consider.

Number of flavours in your wedding cake

At the very least you can have as many flavours as there are tiers on your wedding cake. You might even be able to squeeze in more flavours if your cake maker will combine different layers within the same tier! Things like chocolate and vanilla, white chocolate and pistachio or coconut and raspberry work really well in layer combinations. You can even add different fillings to compliment the cake layers, depending on what sort of gastronomic experience you want. It’s also ok to go for the same flavour throughout the whole cake, if you have a particular favourite or want to keep it simple. Just remember there’s no need to limit yourself, within your budget of course. 

Naked Buttercream Roses Three Tier Wedding Cake by Marie Makes
Naked Buttercream Roses Three Tier Wedding Cake


Many guests will have different allergies and intolerances, so you’ll have to decide if and how you want to accommodate these in your cake flavours. This will also depend on how you want to use your wedding cake too. If you’re using your cake as the dessert in your meal then it’s best to take allergens into consideration so most guests can enjoy it. However, if the cake’s just for later, then you might not want to.

There are different ways to accommodate allergens. You can choose one of your cake tiers to work for allergy sufferers, or you could have separate cupcakes for each different allergy. Have a chat with your cake maker to work out the best option for you, as they will have lots of experience with this. 

Traditional wedding fruit cake

Traditionally wedding cakes were made from fruit cake, often to a family recipe. It’s something that older guests might still expect as one of your wedding cake tiers. However, this hasn’t been common practice for some time now, as couples feel more free to have a wedding that reflects their own tastes and preferences. While it might be nice to include one tier of fruit cake, don’t feel pressured to conform to this tradition. 

Classic vanilla flavour

Choosing your wedding cake flavours is really a balance between pleasing your guests and picking your own favourites too. If you’re having a wedding cake with multiple tiers I would recommend having one of them vanilla flavoured. It’s a really popular flavour and will please most guests. Some couples even opt for the whole cake to be vanilla flavoured as it’s such a crowd pleaser. Then you can indulge your own tastes with the other tiers. If someone doesn’t like your choices then they have vanilla to fall back on. 

Handmade Sugar Flowers Purple and White Wedding Cake by Marie Makes
Handmade Sugar Flowers Purple and White Wedding Cake

The most popular cake flavours at Marie Makes cover a wide range of tastes. Classics such as vanilla and chocolate always fly off the shelves. If you want something more indulgent and great for a sweet-tooth then Nutella, salted caramel and biscoff are great choices. It’s also fun to go fruity with strawberry and lemon flavours hitting the spot for many customers. Then there are some more uncommon flavours that prove super popular like coconut, red velvet and angel food cake. Whatever your favourite flavour, just ask your cake maker if they can whip it up for you. Even if it’s not on their regular list, I’m sure they’ll be able to accommodate. Most wedding cake makers love a challenge too!

Try something different

Try taking inspiration from your favourite dessert for your wedding cake flavours. Perhaps you love tiramisu and a coffee sponge with mascarpone filling would be a great cake flavour for you. Or apple pie is your ride or die and an apple cinnamon sponge with vanilla custard filling would be your perfect wedding cake. How about linking your cake flavours to your hobbies? If you’re an avid gardener then you could include lots of floral flavours in your cake. Maybe your favourite colour could inspire your cake flavour choices. Why not try strawberry and red velvet layers if your favourite colour is red! You can have as much fun with your wedding cake flavours as with your cake design, so go wild! Let your cake flavours reflect your personality too. 

See what great flavours we can create

If you’d like to explore some exciting wedding cake flavours of your own, get in touch! At Marie Makes we love creating delicious cakes and inventing new flavour combinations. Go on, challenge us and see what we can come up with! When planning your wedding cake with us we provide taster cupcakes in as many flavours as you want to try, so you can make sure you love our creations before you commit.

Wedding Cake Flavours Marie Makes Milton Keynes Cake Maker
Wedding Cake Flavours


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