How to cut a wedding cake is a question I frequently get asked. This is because couples want to make sure the cake goes as far as possible and keep servings in perfect shape for their guests. There are several methods you could use such as the ring method, wedges or square slices. It will depend on the type of cake you have, whether you are serving it on the day or whether you are saving it to take home. These decisions should be thought about when planning your wedding cake.

When cutting the wedding cake, we’ve got to separate the ceremonial cutting from actually chopping the cake for serving portions. The ceremonial cutting is done in front of your guests, a super special moment in starting your married life together. When cutting your wedding cake, you need to think about making the cake go as far as possible and keeping servings in perfect shape for your guests if you are using it as a dessert. When to cut your wedding cake is just as important as the actual cutting of the cake.

How to cut a wedding cake using the ring method

If you’re a fan of traditional cake wedges, you can still cut these but make them into wedding cake size portions using the ring method. This only works for tiers that are 8 inches in diameter or larger. Essentially you cut a 2-inch ring into your cake and then slice this into 1 1/2inch wide portions, repeating until you’re left with a 6-inch cake in the middle. This is then cut into regular wedges. 

This is a great method for accommodating both icing lovers and haters. It also keeps portions equally sized so there are no arguments! 

How to cut a wedding cake ring method - 8 inch cake
How to cut a wedding cake ring method – 8 inch cake

Cutting your wedding cake into squares

If you want to get the most out of your wedding cake, traditional triangles do look nice but might not be the best way to get the most portions. Cutting your cake into squares or rectangles will allow you to share the most portions and keep everyone happy. It’s also great when you’ve got more than enough slices to send to guests that couldn’t make it.

You can also check with your wedding cake maker about how they measure their cake portions. They will be able to advise you on how many people each tier will feed. You can check with them on whether they base this on square or triangle slices. 

How to cut a wedding cake into squares - 10 inch cake
How to cut a wedding cake into squares – 10 inch cake

Check out my quick video on how to cut your wedding cake into squares;

Stop your wedding cake from drying out

Cutting your cake into squares also allows you to stop any uncut cake from drying out. Cut from the middle of the cake first and then just slide the two halves back together to keep it fresh. Not all the guests will want to have cake at the same time; this method will mean everyone gets yummy cake no matter what time of the day they tuck in. It also keeps the cake looking pretty when it appears in the background of any wedding photos after cutting. This way you only ever see the iced outside and none of the middle. 

Marie Makes Wedding Cakes

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