Little ones will love a Spongebob party

Everyone loves Spongebob and with his latest movie earlier this year it renewed a lot of kids’ enthusiasm for the resident of the pineapple under the sea! Spongebob birthday cakes have become super popular, so I thought it would be nice to explore some simple ideas for creating a whole Spongebob birthday party for your little ones. Let’s get ready to party in Bikini Bottom! 

Make Spongebob decorations quicker than you can say “Aye aye, Captain”

Spongebob is a perfect party theme as it’s full of brightly coloured, simple scenes that are easy for you to recreate with some coloured paper and markers. This is also an ideal time to get the kids involved, as they’ll love crafting their own decorations! 

You can start with something super simple, like decorating with the ‘sky flowers’ from the underwater background.

Spongebob sky flower

Then try moving on to something a little harder; maybe a nice Bikini Bottom sign? 

Spongebob party Bikini Bottom sign

Whatever your level of creative flair, just make sure the decorations are bright and colourful with a nautical theme and you’ll have an under sea paradise in no time. 

Simple Spongebob party bags

As part of your DIY decor, don’t forget to make some Spongebob-themed party bags while you’re at it! Yellow paper bags can be quickly turned into Spongebobs with the addition of a few snips of coloured paper, a marker and some googly-eyes. Or grab some pink bags and make Patricks. Again, a great activity for the little ones which will make them feel part of the party planning, as well as keeping them occupied for a bit. 

Easy-to-make Spongebob party bags

Fun party food ideas

While you’ll see many a Pinterest page filled with all sorts of Spongebob themed delicacies, you don’t have to spend hours to get great party food. My favourite thing about a children’s party is encouraging them to use their imaginations! I like to do this by getting some cute labels and renaming common party foods to fit your theme. This way, you don’t have the stress of wading through tons of time-consuming recipes and the kids will still love the traditional party foods on offer.

Some of my favourites include:

  • Sea snails (mini sausage rolls)
  • Barnacle chips (crisps)
  • Krabby Patties (mini burgers)
  • Gary’s snail shells (anything with conchiglie pasta)

It’s not a party without games 

Some of the simplest games can be the best at a kid’s party and Spongebob gives some great inspiration for easy but fun party games. 

For starters, Spongebob loves to blow bubbles, so why not join him! Give everyone a bottle of bubbles and start some competitions like ‘who can blow the biggest/smallest bubble?’ or ‘who can catch the most bubbles on their wand?’.

Another great game that’s easy to set up is ‘Make Your Own Spongebob’. Grab a few kitchen sponges, some pipe-cleaners and any other crafty bits and let the kids (and adults) have a go at making their own Spongebob! It doesn’t matter if their sponges resemble the main man or they just make their own sponge creature; just have fun with it!

One of my favourite ways to create party games is to repurpose the classics to fit your theme. Something like ‘Pin the Tie on the Spongebob’ is a great one. The kids will know how to play already and is nice and easy for you to create. Just print out a Spongebob pic, get a blob of blue-tack and you’re away. 

And of course, the Spongebob cake

Spongebob birthday cakes are super popular right now and make a really bright and fun centrepiece for your party. With great characters, backgrounds and settings to choose from it’s really fun to play with the design of your Spongebob cake. You can tailor your cake around your little one’s favourite character or make Spongebob himself the main feature. It’s totally up to you!

Have a look at our previous cake creations and get inspired!

Spongebob Squarepants Childrens Birthday Cake Marie Makes
Spongebob Squarepants Children’s Birthday Cake by Marie Makes

Let us help

If you’d like to have your own Spongebob cake for your children’s birthday party then get in touch. We can create a bespoke design just for you. 


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