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Easy Baking For Kids Marie Makes

Easy baking for kids

The fun of baking for kids Baking can be super easy and a great activity for kids. It’s engaging, colourful and easy to keep them interested as there’s the promise of sweet treats at the end! Here, I’ll show you some fantastic, simple recipes for children of all abilities and ages. Kids can start ‘baking’ […]

Cake Trends 2021

Cake Trends in 2021

Cake trends in 2021 and why you should check them out Cake trends are a fun place to find inspiration for your bespoke cake. It’s often hard to know where to start when you decide you’d like a special custom cake for your loved one. The latest cake trends can give you ideas about what’s […]

Personalised Birthday Cakes Ideas for Men Milton Keynes Marie Makes Cake Blog

Cake ideas for men

Finding cake ideas for men can be hard!  I find buying anything for my male friends and relatives hard. In order to avoid buying them Lynx Africa year upon year I often end up with weird and outside-of-the-box ideas like feeding meerkats or electronic socks (yes, you read that correctly…). Thankfully, finding cake ideas for […]

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