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Latest from the Blog

Summer Cake to Enjoy in the Sunshine

Sumptuous Summer Cake Flavours Summer is here, so celebrate the season with a summer cake or cupcakes to enjoy in the sunshine, with flavours that will make your mouth water. At Marie Makes, you can choose the flavours and the design that you want, so get in touch! Whether you’re planning a garden party, birthday…

Wimbledon Cakes: A Tasty Treat for Tennis Enthusiasts

Cake and Wimbledon – The Perfect Match Wimbledon is one of the most prestigious tennis tournaments in the world, with its rich history, tradition, and elegance. Wimbledon-themed cakes capture the spirit of this occasion and serve as a perfect addition to any tennis lover’s celebration. How to Ace the Wimbledon Cake Design Wimbledon cakes or…

How much does a wedding cake cost?

Understanding how much a wedding cake should cost is tough, as you tend to only order one of these in your lifetime! Here we break it down in a few different ways for you; wedding cake cost by tiers, cost per slice and what you can expect for different wedding cake price ranges. We’ll also…

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