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Angel Cake Recipe Marie Makes

Angel Food Cake Recipe

This wonderful recipe comes from one of my favourite blogs, Long Distance Baking. They make an utterly delicious Angel Food Cake Recipe that they’ve agreed to let me share with you all here. When you love baking as much as me, you’re always on the hunt for the best recipes and new things to try. […]

Marie Makes Blog Support Local Business

Supporting Local Business

How you can help support your local businesses Core values – supporting local Being a local cake and craft maker in Milton Keynes, I know the importance of supporting small businesses. I’ve always tried to support local, even before starting my own business and that’s why it’s a big part of my ethos for Marie […]

Baking Ingredient Essentials Marie Makes Milton Keynes

Baking Ingredient Essentials

7 Baking Ingredient Essentials for Every Baker A great starting place is to have a few key baking ingredient essentials in your cupboard. Basic baking recipes start with just flour, sugar and butter and then work up from there. With just the following nine ingredients you’ll be able to make most recipes. And the great […]

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