Wedding cake trends are always evolving and it can be hard to keep up. Especially as you’ll be planning your cake well ahead of the big day you want to make sure you know the most up-to-date styles. Whether you want your wedding cake to be absolutely on trend or you’re just looking for wedding cake inspiration, we’ll explore the latest 2023 wedding cake trends here to help you. There are six strong trends emerging for this year;

  • Cake Top Forward
  • Naked Cakes
  • Floral Cakes
  • Ruffles
  • Wafer Paper Cakes
  • Buttercream Cakes

Cake Top Forward Wedding Cake Trend

The latest and most exciting wedding cake trend right now is the cake top forward design. It does exactly what it says on the tin; instead of your cake top facing up, the whole cake is turned so the cake top faces forwards. This wedding cake style gives you a brilliant large canvas to work on and combine other styles into it. It’s also great for simple or minimalist cakes as it gives drama from the shape, rather than the decoration of the cake. If you really want to have your finger on the pulse the cake top forward is the wedding cake trend to go for. 

Cake Top Forward Trend 2022
Cake Top Forward Trend 2023

Naked Wedding Cakes

These wedding staples are here to stay for another year! The naked wedding cake trend is an absolute must as it’s a nice break from the traditional fondant-iced wedding cake your mother had. Naked cakes are also really easy to personalise; they give a wonderful blank canvas on which to add decoration. It’s also great to have a cake without a harsh white background against your decorative elements. It’s also a good way to keep wedding costs down, as naked cakes tend to be less expensive than their fondant counterparts. 

Naked Three Tier Buttercream Roses Wedding Cake
Three tier naked wedding cake

Floral Wedding Cakes Trend

Floral wedding cakes are a wonderful way to tie your cake into the rest of your wedding decor. At Marie Makes we even work directly with your florist to ensure the cake flowers match your bouquet perfectly! If you have a very strong theme throughout your wedding you might want to choose this wedding cake trend.

Floral cakes are also an excellent wedding cake trend to adapt to all budgets. The choice between artificial, real and handmade sugar flowers means that these cakes can fit into any price range. You can also have a great wedding cake keepsake if you choose an artificial or sugar flower arrangement. 

Four Tier Iced Floral Diamante Wedding Cake
Four Tier Iced Floral Diamante Wedding Cake

Ruffles on a Wedding Cake

There are so many ways to incorporate beautiful fluffy ruffles into your wedding cake, it’s no wonder this is a big trend for 2023. While few people go for the whole cake covered in ruffles, a lot of people like at least one tier to use them. Ruffles are a simple and elegant way to add texture and depth to a minimalist wedding cake. You can even subtly incorporate your wedding colours into an ombre ruffle design. 

There are two main options for ruffles on your wedding cake. Fondant ruffles give a more substantial look, while wafer paper ruffles are ethereal and floaty. Consult your cake maker on the best material for your own cake ruffles. At Marie Makes we can use both fondant and wafer paper ruffles to get the perfect wedding cake effect for you.

Wafer Paper Ruffles Wedding Cake Trend 2022 by Tracy James
Wafer Paper Ruffles Wedding Cake Trend 2023 by Tracy James

Wafer Paper Wedding Cakes

Wafer paper isn’t just something you find in the back of granny’s baking cupboard. It’s a huge new trend in wedding cakes for 2023. From incredible geometric designs to soft ruffles we mentioned already, wafer paper is an exciting new decorative material for your wedding cake. It’s a relatively new cake style, so work with your wedding cake maker to see where you can take it. This is definitely a wedding cake trend to have lots of fun with!

Wafer Paper Wedding Cake Trends 2022 by Astashkina Cakes
Wafer Paper Wedding Cake Trends 2022 by Astashkina Cakes

Buttercream Cakes

You’re surely thinking that buttercream cakes aren’t very exciting for a wedding. However, some incredible bakers like Horoscope Cakes are taking buttercream decoration to the next level in 2023. Their showstopping buttercream cake designs are certainly worthy of adorning any wedding cake. This is another way to really break from the traditional fondant iced wedding cake. Buttercream cakes are also some of the most bright and colourful cake designs that can help you express your personality through your wedding cake. 

Buttercream Wedding Cake Style 2022 by Horoscope Cakes
Buttercream Wedding Cake Style 2023 by Horoscope Cakes

Create Your Own Wedding Cake Trend

Remember that this is YOUR big day and you want the cake to reflect your personality as a couple. While the latest wedding cake trends can be inspiring and exciting, make sure you choose a design that is right for you and not just ‘the ‘gram’. Get in touch on our wedding cake page and we can have a chat about the perfect wedding cake for you. 


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